Welcome to DBS Software Development Group!

Our Latest Product

We are pleased to announce that DBS App for Android, version 3 is now available for download. The class timetable, school calendar, and the teacher list of academic year 2013-2014 are now included. Moreover, a brand new user-interface with cache system is introduced. Grab it on the Play Store and have fun with it!

About Us

The newly founded Software Development Group aims to provide a discussion and learning platform for programming enthusiasts in DBS. In the recent years, the usage of the Internet and mobile phones has been increasing rapidly. This has inspired us to produce some useful software for DBS and let them to improve the learning environment and efficiency.

So, the major project we have been working on this year is the DBS Mobile App for iPhone and Android. Since 18 April, 2012, the Diocesan Boys’ School App has been available for download on Apple iTunes Store. 4 months later, the Android version has also been available for download on Google Play Store. After we promoted the app in activity period in September, 2012, there are over 1400 downloads for each version from students, parents, teachers, and even old boys from all around the world!

Chairman's Word

Yip Tsz To (2015-2016)

$10 per foul language

Yeung Lok Yin (2014-2015)


Yiu Cheuk Lok (2013-2014)


Kev To (2012-2013)


Teacher in-charge: Mr. Chris Lee (CL)